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Austin-based Parents' Climate Community Joins the Restart Coalition

The Parents' Climate Community, a grassroots group of Austin parents, families, and adult allies coming together around local climate action, voted to join the Restart Lone Star Rail Coalition on July 22, 2023. Read their statement below:

"The Parents’ Climate Community just became the first Austin-based organization to join the Restart Lone Star Rail coalition. As caregivers, we believe that investing in sustainable infrastructure like regional rail is a powerful tool for cultivating children’s safety, their connectedness and independence, and their right to a livable climate. Transforming how we get around the region is a matter of our legacy to future generations. It’s time for our leaders to restart planning for regional rail to ensure a healthy future for Central Texas kids."

Restart Lone Star Rail District is a grassroots organization building a coalition of advocacy groups, elected officials, and every-day citizens who want to see Central Texas connected with fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail service. When a new group joins the coalition, they appoint a committee member who will vote on resolutions to shape our vision and advocacy. For the time being, Parents’ Climate Community will abstain from appointing a committee member, though their mission and goals will still be represented.

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