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RESTART Lone Star Rail District is a grassroots advocacy group with the mission to establish a fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail service in the Central Texas region. The organization aims to foster regional cooperation among other groups throughout corridor with the goal of creating a unified voice for rail in Central Texas.

We were founded in May 2023 and are just getting started in our advocacy. We plan to host monthly meetings, host tabling events, and door-knock for support of our petition. RESTART Lone Star Rail District is always looking for new members to help advocate for a better future. Sign up for our mailing list to get updates on volunteer opportunities and our progress in advocating for rail in Central Texas.

Lone Star Rail District failed the first time. Let's finish the job.

Our Mission

The Lone Star Rail District began in 2003 and was decommissioned in 2016. A number of factors led to the project's demise, including funding deficits, faltering negotiations with freight rail operators, and the lack of a champion for the project. RESTART Lone Star Rail District aims to unite Central Texans to support the establishment of high quality passenger rail service, pushing our elected officials to take action. 

We need a train. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Bypass traffic - I-35 is notorious for its persistent congestion and dangerous road conditions, and with a quickly growing population, Central Texans need a way to travel within the region that is fast, reliable, and safe. The Lone Star Rail would allow riders to bypass traffic jams.

  2. Reduce traffic - Giving an alternative to driving on I-35 would reduce traffic volumes, helping to ease congestion. According to one researcher, a high quality train would lower the number of vehicles on the I-35 by more than 20 percent. 

  3. Economic benefits - A train would increase economic connectivity within the region, boosting Central Texas’s global economic competitiveness. By reducing commute times, a train would improve connectivity and access to markets, customers, and talent, which could stimulate economic growth and job creation.

  4. Environmental and health benefits - Trains producer fewer emissions per passenger compared to cars and buses. A train between San Antonio and Austin could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, which could improve air quality and public health in the region.

  5. Accessibility - There are many people in our region who cannot drive, be it that they are too young, too old, cannot afford a car, or have a disability that prevents them from driving. A passenger rail service would make reaching job or recreation opportunities in our region more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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